Our visit to Springhead Trust April 2018

As the Wild Women team prepare for the 2018 Summer Retreat two of our most magical weavers visit the new site, exploring its watery mysteries and making plans for the magic yet to come. Find out what they experienced below…


Rozi and Boann’s Springhead Adventure!

The first sight that greeted us as we pulled in was a circling red kite, and soon, as we walked down from the car park, we were practically dusted by the wings of an encredible low-flying heron. ‘This is the right place’ we thought. and after touring the bedrooms and marinading in the atmosphere of some of the beautiful main rooms, we, at last, got to be graced by the gardens. ‘And it isn’t even Spring yet!’ we told ourselves, imagining leaf and full-bloom on top of the already spectacular surroundings…


I must be honest – by the time we reached the point where the springs emerge from the ground, the beauty and the sacredness and the care that it is tended with, all touched me to tears… Water from the ground. just abundantly pouring forth through mossy rock and fern. We ate a lunch in the sweet rotunda watching swans and ducks and imagining the music of the concert violinist family who lived there, and the sun even gifted us its warm light.


It was a beautiful day and we felt welcomed by the land there, but also very full of gratitude that it was part of our ‘work’ to visit and scope out that place on behalf of our Summer to come…. We cant wait to see you all there!

Rozi and Boann xxx

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