A new day event designed for experienced Wild Women

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Wild Women Retreats are offering a deeper, wilder day event for those who are more experienced at ritual and retreats.

We understand that working magically or spiritually with meditation and ritual is a journey of many mountains, vistas and valleys. It is not always wise to go deep with those new to the practice, it is however still something many women long to do.

Therefore we have created a special day event to give women the opportunity to go deeper into their spiritual practice and their own wildness, so they have the chance to find greater healing and liberation.

Please read more about the day below.

A Deeper Journey – A day of transformation

Saturday 27th October 2018, 10am til 4pm
Carymoor Environmental Centre, Castle Cary, Somerset.
£75 ticket including all refreshments and lunch.
This event is for women who have already attended a Wild Women event, or who have experience of deeper ritual.

Calling to all those women who want to travel a little deeper into their own wildness. As Samhain approaches and the dark clouds gather, we prepare to take a journey with Inanna, one of the most potent and powerful goddesses of Sumeria. She is the goddess of Venus, the morning and evening star. Independent, powerful, sensual,  Inanna resides where the earth meets the sky. She will be our guide as we travel through the seasons of life, death and rebirth.

We will be held safely but we will go deep, our feet will pound the earth. We will have the chance to shed the skin that no longer serves us and together we will search for our inner light that shines in the dark.

Bursaries are available for this event, so if you need help with the ticket purchase,  please ask!

A previous participants experience of a Wild Women’s Day event, “Thank you from the bottom of my heart all you amazing, magical women who organized yesterday’s event and led us on that journey. I went on a surprising spiritual journey of self-revelation which has made me see certain major aspects of my life in a completely new light. What’s more, I have been able to lay down the burden of fear that has been crippling me for too long. And all this in the company of strong, beautiful and compassionate sisters!”  Wendy Callan

Email: info@wildwomenretreats.co.uk to reserve your place.

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