The Wild Women Summer Solstice Retreat is being run by a team of seven experienced, knowledgeable and loving facilitators who know how to create safe magical spaces. Here is a bit more about them and the roles they play.


Natalie Green – The Woman at the Top of the Mountain

Natalie is a grand scale organiser with the drive and energy of an ocean wave, she is practical and grounded, a cook and a maker. She is the proud mother of incredible daughters and passionate about the power within each of us to achieve self actualisation – to manifest the very best life we can.

She is also a teacher and facilitator and has followed the path of natural Druidry since 1998. She has created and run several women’s development programmes, taking over a thousand women through the Springboard Women’s Development Programme as a trainer and leader, as well as coaching and mentoring many women on a one to one level, helping them to define and achieve what they want from their lives.

In 2012 she manifested her own long-term dream of moving her base to the beautiful West Dorset coast where she works freelance as an adult teacher as well as looking after animals and a large kitchen garden.

Wild Women Retreats is her vision and she has gathered around her an inspirational and talented group of women, who are the Wild Women Retreats team…


Boann Lambert – The Goddess Whisperer

Boann is a highly experienced magical practitioner, priestess and creator of powerful and transformative ritual. She has held space for women’s ritual and retreat spaces for over ten years and is widely considered to be one of the best in her field.

Outside of magical space she has specialised in youth work and organic market gardening.  A skilled workshop leader and facilitator, Boann is sensitive, practical and grounded. She is also an artist, a mother and a grandmother.

For the Wild Women Retreats Boann will be working in a facilitator capacity.


Liv Torc – The Creative Dynamo

Liv Torc is a razor blade skating performance poet and comedian, who plunges the vast caverns and dormant volcanoes of the human condition, armed with a box of matches and a sense of lyrical wonder. An experienced and popular performer and workshop leader, Liv is an Honorary Bard of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids; the South West winner of the last National Radio 4 Poetry Slam and the second ever Bard of Exeter. She is co-host of popular pop-up touring cabaret The Hip Yak Poetry Shack and runs a successful spoken word stage at WOMAD Festival.

Liv is also a recognised expert on poetry and isolation and poetry therapy, working with isolated young people and adults with physical disabilities or mental health challenges. This work has taken her to Westminster and beyond. Her first published poetry book ‘Show Me Life’ is being released on 1 June 2015, just two months before her second child is due.

Liv is also the Marketing Manager and graphic designer for Somerset’s leading community arts charity and is responsible for the marketing (and much of the creative content) of this Wild Women Retreat.


Afric Crossan-Wale – The Force to be Reckoned With

Afric is a dynamic and vibrant force in the world. She is the director of the hugely successful Forest School Birmingham, an
environmental education business that helps thousands of inner city children connect with the natural world. A mother, wife and animal lover, Afric is passionate about people and the environment and works hard to encourage and develop healthy communities. The dancing heart of the party, she is also a full blooded Irish bard, always up for the craic and a fine musician, painter and craft woman.

A practicing Druid, who is strongly connected to her spiritual roots, Afric’s is able to manifest incredible and successful events and magical experiences. At the Wild Women Retreat she will be managing the kitchen and working as a facilitator.


Shelley Moon – The Bringer of Light and Shade

Shelley is the brains and the hands behind a lot of the magical space design you will see at Wild Women Retreats. She is also our earth mother, our healer and a domestic goddess par excellence. She is a veteran of women’s magical working and loves to make beautiful things,  with a genuine flare for inspirational decor and the theatre of the aesthetic. She is the woman that brings extra sauce to the sandwich and covers soggy canvas with a universe of stars.

Shelley is also passionate about women’s physical and mental health and works as a maternity nurse and therapist, with a strong interest in end of life care, but most of all she is a warm hearted mother. 

For the Wild Women Retreat Shelley will be working in a facilitator capacity.


Trudy Brock – The Midwife of the World

Trudy is a community midwife who strives for woman centred care through support of informed choices for pregnancy and birth, education, and reflection.

A calm and non threatening approach to the many challenges we face has been developed through her continued work with animals and teaching of autistic teenagers. One of Mother Nature’s best vintages, and a white witch by default, she milks goats, spins wool, grows, paints and makes. But that’s not all. Contained and measured within her gentle shell, there is fire and fury.

She travels to remote areas of Nepal and the developing world teaching emergency obstetric care and respectful birth. As she works, her understanding of the real issues of global women’s rights grows. How can we empower other women when we feel disempowered ourselves? She believes in every woman’s potential, and her belief is infectious.

For the Wild Women Retreat Trudy will be working in a facilitator capacity.


Sarah Oakwood – The Mother of the Mind

Sarah is a graduate mental health nurse with over 20 years experience within the NHS as both a clinician and trainer. She is a strong advocate for continued personal development and growth throughout our journey as women. From our early attachments through the span of adulthood to the slow unwinding of threads in later life. She feels that the bonds we make and maintain with our sisters not only enhances but are intrinsic to this experience.

Sarah lives in the Southwest with her husband, five children and mother. Her life, much like her crochet, is a constant work in progress. Unlike her crochet, she is always striving to be the best version of herself.

For the Wild Women Retreat Sarah will be working in a facilitator capacity.
Rozalie Hilton – The Tatterhood Maiden

Rozalie is a natural-born wildling, in constant wonder at the mysteries of existence and earth. Comfortable with her untamed self, she is an creative, performer and facilitator who loves to play, and revels in stimulation and sensation.

Roz is a freelance practitioner of interactive workshops and transformational experiences, with a focus on enabling others in self-expression and affirming validity. She draws from her background in participatory arts (including storytelling, poetry, puppetry and theatre), as well as intuitive forms of embodied therapy, including Process-Work and Biodanza.

Roz lives mostly on the road, or in her caravan, and loves to look at patterns and textures and tiny things.

To the WildWomen retreats, she brings a watchful dilligence, and willingness to serve; as well as a deep honouring of spirit, and lots of experience in ceremony and ritual.