Wild Women Poem


This poem was written by the Wild Women of the 2015 retreat as part of a poetry workshop taken by Liv Torc.

A Wild Woman…

Putting on her dress and heels,
She checks again to tuck in her bushy tail
Her bodice shimmers with rain
Her hair is full of birds.

Tall, voluptuous
Thick flowing Medusa locks
Animal skin on her breast
Rings on her toes,
Leather round her wrists,

She limps
Shakes her mane.

She has steady, gentle eyes
Multi-coloured, vibrant, shiny, confident
Living untameable energy.
Full breasted ochre painted mother
She stands ankle deep in last year’s dead harvest.

She loves the untouchable savage within
She makes sap rise and sweet juices flow
She sings and sings over dried bones
Until they jump and quiver.

Her shoulders are kissed by a hundred suns
She can touch the stars.

Her kindness sends ripples
That she has no eyes for
She is a shape shifter
Serene in the knowledge of her wildness
Soft and strong, woven willow and weeds.

She cuts through pretence with a sword of light
Sparks emanate from her body,
Like fireworks exploding into the Universe.

She can creep though the undergrowth unseen,
Freeing your dreams from their cases
The nectar of flowers that grow in her footprints
Is the sweetest of all.

Fabulously furry
Monstrously mardy
You cannot stop her – for better or worse.
She scratches out the hunter’s eyes
Brings death and rebirth.