The 2016 Retreat


The Wild Women’s 2016
Summer Solstice Retreat

In 2016 we met when the highest sun kisses the brightest moon, on our stunning hidden retreat in Dorset, overlooking the majestic curl of the Jurassic coast and the deep blue mysteries of the Atlantic. Here among soft flowers, candlelight and cushions we gathered as women to connect deeply with the land and our true wild self, held safely in the arms of our sisters and the incredible wild women community.

As well as four days of fun and friendship, fine food, yoga, coffee, conversation, camping and deep soul laughing, the 2016 retreat focused on our relationship with nature and the natural world; the high sun, the full bellied moon and the ever shifting sea. We walked the paths of the ridgeway, searched for herbs, animals and trees; bathed our bodies and our spirits in the beauty of the goddess, connecting to the land, ocean and stars, which in turn will connected us to our wild primal selves. Under the full moon, we walked a bright labyrinth,  and a lot of us plunged into the wild, raging sea (on a umbilical style rope!!) It was incredible!

And it rained, it rained a lot… so we snuggled up and held a circle of voices and hearts in a giant red tent, rolled and played in squishy mud and painted our bodies and dreams.

We were blessed.