A new day event designed for experienced Wild Women

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Wild Women Retreats are offering a deeper, wilder day event for those who are more experienced at ritual and retreats.

We understand that working magically or spiritually with meditation and ritual is a journey of many mountains, vistas and valleys. It is not always wise to go deep with those new to the practice, it is however still something many women long to do.

Therefore we have created a special day event to give women the opportunity to go deeper into their spiritual practice and their own wildness, so they have the chance to find greater healing and liberation.

Please read more about the day below.

A Deeper Journey – A day of transformation

Saturday 27th October 2018, 10am til 4pm
Carymoor Environmental Centre, Castle Cary, Somerset.
£75 ticket including all refreshments and lunch.
This event is for women who have already attended a Wild Women event, or who have experience of deeper ritual.

Calling to all those women who want to travel a little deeper into their own wildness. As Samhain approaches and the dark clouds gather, we prepare to take a journey with Inanna, one of the most potent and powerful goddesses of Sumeria. She is the goddess of Venus, the morning and evening star. Independent, powerful, sensual,  Inanna resides where the earth meets the sky. She will be our guide as we travel through the seasons of life, death and rebirth.

We will be held safely but we will go deep, our feet will pound the earth. We will have the chance to shed the skin that no longer serves us and together we will search for our inner light that shines in the dark.

Bursaries are available for this event, so if you need help with the ticket purchase,  please ask!

A previous participants experience of a Wild Women’s Day event, “Thank you from the bottom of my heart all you amazing, magical women who organized yesterday’s event and led us on that journey. I went on a surprising spiritual journey of self-revelation which has made me see certain major aspects of my life in a completely new light. What’s more, I have been able to lay down the burden of fear that has been crippling me for too long. And all this in the company of strong, beautiful and compassionate sisters!”  Wendy Callan

Email: info@wildwomenretreats.co.uk to reserve your place.

Our visit to Springhead Trust April 2018

As the Wild Women team prepare for the 2018 Summer Retreat two of our most magical weavers visit the new site, exploring its watery mysteries and making plans for the magic yet to come. Find out what they experienced below…


Rozi and Boann’s Springhead Adventure!

The first sight that greeted us as we pulled in was a circling red kite, and soon, as we walked down from the car park, we were practically dusted by the wings of an encredible low-flying heron. ‘This is the right place’ we thought. and after touring the bedrooms and marinading in the atmosphere of some of the beautiful main rooms, we, at last, got to be graced by the gardens. ‘And it isn’t even Spring yet!’ we told ourselves, imagining leaf and full-bloom on top of the already spectacular surroundings…


I must be honest – by the time we reached the point where the springs emerge from the ground, the beauty and the sacredness and the care that it is tended with, all touched me to tears… Water from the ground. just abundantly pouring forth through mossy rock and fern. We ate a lunch in the sweet rotunda watching swans and ducks and imagining the music of the concert violinist family who lived there, and the sun even gifted us its warm light.


It was a beautiful day and we felt welcomed by the land there, but also very full of gratitude that it was part of our ‘work’ to visit and scope out that place on behalf of our Summer to come…. We cant wait to see you all there!

Rozi and Boann xxx

To find out more or book your place please look round our website or contact Natalie Green at info@wildwomenretreats.co.uk

Wild Women Retreats featured in ‘In the Moment’ magazine


We are jumping up and down with pleasure to announce that The Wild Women’s Summer Retreat and all our work to support and celebrate women and women’s spaces has been featured in the March edition of In the Moment magazine.

The article features half a dozen all-women spaces, places and retreats and looks in-depth at the importance for women to reconnect with each other and the land in safe held environments.

The Wild Women’s Retreat is heralded as an inspirational and well organised adventure into this vital work… “Celebrate all that is incredible about being female with fellow Wild Women. Set in the very special Springhead estate, North Dorset, you will escape the humdrum of everyday life to a place of refuge, retreat and transformation.”


If you would like to read the article in more depth you can pick up a copy of the March edition of In the Moment magazine at most major newsagents and retail chains.


To find out more about attending this year’s Wild Women’s Summer Retreat please click here.

To read testimonials from previous participants click here.



The Wild Women Summer Retreat                  

Monday 2 to Friday 6 July 2018

On the water
On the water

At the Springhead Trust, Shaftesbury Dorset

You will experience an incredible programme of magical, healing and joyful events, four days and nights camping, bedroom or cosy dormitory accommodation, delicious wholesome food and a stunning Dorset retreat landscape.

”Every woman owes it to herself to come on a Wild Women’s Retreat; a safe, nurturing, laughing, crying, singing, dancing, meditating, journeying experience. Find what you need, make connections, be more of who you are.”  Netty – Retreat Participant

To make a booking inquiry please click here.

Book now for the Autumn Gathering 2017

The Wild Women’s Autumn Gathering
‘Bringing the Dark Mother into the Light’

The Assembly Rooms of Glastonbury, High Street
11 November 2017, 10am – 5pm, £40 per person

This November, as the skies darken and the falling leaves and bitter winds of Samhain blow under our hems and hearths, come join the women of Wild Women Retreats and call the lightening to your fingers. For we are going to delve into our own darkness; to acknowledge our shadow, step into the underworld for a moment in sacred space and time; to dance the void and raise the awareness that ALL is balance. So we can emerge re-energised. To sing her song, drum her heartbeat, honour her existence and shine.

So SAVE THE DATE and be ready to light a black candle in honour of your own Dark Goddess and watch her flame dance.
To book please email Natalie at info@wildwomenretreats.co.uk

To find out more about Wild Women Retreats visit www.wildwomenretreats.co.uk



The Wild Women’s Summer Solstice Retreat
Saturday 17 June to Wednesday 21 June 2017

We can now announce the third ever Wild Women’s Retreat, dancing in the silvery shadows of a future not yet spun. The last two retreats have been incredible and we can hardly wait for the next one.

If you feel the same then why not sign up to our reserve list and get the option to buy your ticket/s a week before general release.

Tickets go on general sale on 7 December 2016.

To get your name on the RESERVE LIST and/or book a PREMIUM TICKET (comes with limited bed space in a shared or single room) email Natalie at info@wildwomenretreats.co.uk

Join us for the Wild Women’s Winter Gathering


10am til Late Evening * Sat 18 Feb 2017 * @ The Assembly Rooms, Glastonbury,  Somerset * £50 per person

There will be a three-hour break for supper between 5pm and 8pm, and a bar available in the evening. Food and accommodation will be your own responsibility but Glastonbury offers a wide variety of both.

After the amazing success of the last two Wild Women’s Summer Retreats, we are offering a Wild Women’s Winter Gathering in the heart of the sacred Isle of Avalon in Glastonbury. This will be a full day of wonderful, magical, wild delights and a chance for women to connect, re-connect and find out more about us.

If you’ve been to a Wild Women’s Retreat and loved it, have never been to one before and would like to know more, or only have the time for a weekend, we’d love to see you! We can promise you a beautiful, warm welcome, a chance for cuddles, fun and laughter as well as Wild Women’s ritual, sacred singing, workshops, a marketplace and the usual brand of mayhem and fun in the evening.

Wild Women Fund: A percentage of the ticket sales will support our work in a donation to the Wild Women’s Retreats Fund. The importance of making the retreats inclusive and available to those who may not be able to afford them is precious.

Wild Women Enterprise: We are passionate about supporting women’s enterprises and will be offering market stalls, and discounted tickets for stallholders. Stalls will cost £20 each with a £10 discount on the ticket price. Please reserve your stall with your ticket booking.

To book: Contact Natalie at info@wildwomenretreats.co.uk  Places are limited and interest is high so don’t delay!

More information, including how to pay, travel and accommodation recommendations, will be sent to those who book.

Blessings and Inspiration xxx