Autumn Gathering 2017


The Wild Women’s Autumn Gathering
‘Bringing the Dark Mother into the Light’

The Assembly Rooms of Glastonbury, High Street
Date: 11 November 2017, 10am – 5pm

As the skies darkened and the falling leaves and bitter winds of Samhain blew under our hems and hearths, we called the lightening to our fingers. We delved into our own darkness;  acknowledged our shadow, stepped into the underworld for a moment in sacred space and time;  danced the void and raised the awareness that ALL is balance.

In the morning our guest speaker was Anija Hutten, a feminist historian who invited us to explore the dark side of the divine feminine.

After lunch we embarked on a profound and magical journey by ‘boat’, making our own voyage into the underworld, to let go of what no longer served us and brightened our inner flame with the strength to face the dark winter months.